We believe that there is a different way of doing business, one that is not only tied to the logic of profit and market, but one that is ethical and creates value within the community

FAR Networks was born out of the passion of three friends and professionals for technology, innovation and digital, the desire to work seriously and ethically, and the desire to make a difference both in the ICT business landscape and on a human and social level.

On these assumptions in January 2022 FAR Networks acquires Green Teamto create a hub of excellence in the Modern Workplace world. More details here

The acquisition is part of a strategic growth path that the company has been undertaking for some time and will continue in the coming years with the aim of expanding its portfolio of offerings and increasing its territorial coverage, which now extends over northern and central Italy with offices in Milan, Vicenza and Bologna.

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In 2006 on this basis Nicola, Roberto, and Simone decided to give birth to their idea of System Integration, in which the ability to integrate, to develop software and to provide services to customers merges into an ecosystem formed by customers, partners, and collaborators.

People inside and outside the company, customers, suppliers, and partners who are chosen on the basis of expertise and who create stable and lasting relationships based on trust.

Care and expertise are still the cornerstones of our business, which, in a little more than 14 years, has grown from 3 to 60 people and reaching 10 million in sales. 

In recent years we have enriched our offerings by providing services related to security, the Cloud, and telephony, while maintaining the very high standards that have always distinguished us in the areas of networking and smartworking.

Growth in numbers has gone hand in hand with growth in technical and managerial skills, but also with growth in passion and curiosity for innovation.

In fact, in 2017 he joined Flex Valley Group, a Vicenza-based company specializing in IoT solutions that implements projects in the world of Industry 4.0, Workplace Safety and Healthcare.

Today FAR Networks is a benchmark for innovation in its field.

We work closely with the world's leading ICT Vendors, Cisco and Microsoft first and foremost, to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions that help companies manage their Digital Transformation confident that they will find a Partner with whom they can share ambitious challenges and goals.

With the ability to develop innovative products such as Far Booking and other research and development activities, we are able to certify the innovativeness of our work.

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Collaboration, Passion, Care and Creativity are the values on which we base our personal and business relationships!

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