Effective collaboration requires excellent communication!

Collaboration is a great value, breaking down barriers between people, making information available anytime, anywhere, and enabling smart work, helping to improve the level of communication and interaction between companies and people.

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Supporting collaboration through an infrastructure calibrated to one's needs facilitates individual productivity,enabling users to access information more flexibly and quickly.

Unified Communication and Collaboration systems are increasingly essential for companies, especially in the area of hybrid work.

In FAR we guide our clients in the process of digital transformation by enabling collaboration and Smart Working scenarios, we are specialists in Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex solutions that is why we are able to meet the different needs of each client.

Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience in telephony systems, which we are now able to put to use in assisting clients who want to complete the adoption of modern collaboration systems by also integrating the telephony capabilities delivered by platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Some projects in Collaboration:

    • Analysis and assessment of productivity tools
    • Presentation and workshops on new collaboration tools and solutions
    • Organization of the process of introducing new tools
    • Communication and collaboration infrastructure design and implementation
    • Design and implementation of workstations, both for the office and for smart working
    • Design and implementation of multimedia meeting rooms


Maximize productivity using a suite of products that allow in a single environment to work on documents to share, edit, add, with the same User Experience.
Here's why we choose Microsoft 365


Also with a view to collaboration, telephony remains an indispensable tool. To support new work models such as smart working and more modern collaboration in general, we need to think about integrated telephony that provides the user with comprehensive functionality. Being contactable from anywhere, being able to access documents from the same platform from which I am working, and being able to respond in real time while having the classic features of the telephone (transfer, voicemail, extension number...) are just some of the advantages of a Cloud system like Microsoft Teams


People today are increasingly interacting with modern tools and modes, and technologies must support these new needs. The use of smart platforms that make it easy to connect people audio-visually, wherever they are using items that provide high quality, such as Microsoft Teams, Logitech, LG, Epos, can make meetings productive and enjoyable moments


Collaboration requires appropriate spaces; new ways of working such as smart working require appropriate workplaces. Being able to book a meeting room with certain characteristics, a desk on a certain floor, a space exactly when I need it and in the correct location, are all features that increase the chances of collaboration.
This is why the management of corporate space has become a priority.
Thanks to our FAR Booking, it is possible to do all this and more easily and instantly!

In collaboration with:

Collaboration tools that improve productivity:

Ability to ensure the organization of project managers, enabling others to carry out their activities in a timely manner.


  • Optimization of teamwork;
  • Creating better relationships among remote teams
    Savings on transportation expenses;
  • During video conferencing, you can also share data, documents and presentations with team members in real time.

You can also easily record the meeting and share it with those who could not attend.


  • Email reduction;
  • Acceleration of the communication process;
  • Faster confirmations;

Team members can chat with each other anytime, anywhere. Instant messaging tools also allow screen sharing for faster decision making. Saving chat history will also make it possible to preserve the communications that ultimately enabled a final decision to be made.


  • Reduction of confusion;
  • Acceleration of the feedback process;
  • Email reduction;

Although they may be doing their work in different offices, team members will still be able to edit the document at the same time as others. Cloud computing reduces lag time and makes it easy for anyone to contribute to the project


  • Time saving;
  • Email reduction;
  • Ability to store all versions of a file in a central location;

By keeping the presentation in a central location you can get feedback more quickly and keep all versions organized.

By using one or more of these team collaboration tools, you can achieve significant productivity gains, regardless of the work you do. When interacting is not complicated, it is also much easier to establish relationships, with better results for everyone.

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