IoT is part of us

IoT projects maximize the capabilities to collect and use data from a multitude of sources (industrial products, factory systems, transportation vehicles...) for the benefit of increased digitization and automation of processes, the ability to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to create new business and business value services.

The ability to be able to make choices based on real data, collected according to specific criteria, analyzed reworked in the form of Dashboards and Reports becomes a powerful and highly effective tool for setting business direction or taking corrective action.


IoT projects are now implemented in so many areas, including:

  • Industrial Monitoring, Robotics
  • Automotive industry, automotive, self-driving car
  • Health care, biomedical world Smart health
  • All areas of telemetry
  • All areas of worker safety
  • Smar city and mobility
  • Digital payment through objects
  • Agriculture and Smart agrifood
  • Smart home, home automation
  • Smart buildings, smart building, building automation

Our Lara platform already has all these features that's why it has been chosen by so many industries to enable a digital transformation process, optimize investments and increase revenues!

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