Discover the potential of your network to leverage it as a business resource.


Networking solutions must be able to be configured adaptively to all the needs of the business, which has specific requirements: to be able to rely on heterogeneous architectures capable of supporting business continuity.

For those in charge of managing an increasingly liquid, hybrid and complex network ecosystem, this means enabling networking models independent of the type of device, protocol or transport type used. 

FAR Networks designs tailored networking solutions by harnessing the potential of technology and digital to put them at the service of business.

We operate in a Mission critical area where performance is essential and it is unthinkable to have downtime of services.
That's why we think and structure network infrastructure hand in hand with business development.

Performance, reliability, scalability and security are key elements of an enterprise-grade networking infrastructure.

The network is the nerve center of every business, from here information and data pass that ensure everyone's work.

To support the new needs given by digital transformation, smart working, and the "always connected" mode, organizations must rely on increasingly adaptive, high-performance, and secure networking infrastructures; enable connectivity and access to many users while ensuring a smooth user experience, support exponential data traffic, and near-immediate response capability.

We deeply understand technology and business dynamics and can design the networking solution your business needs across hybrid networks and cloud environments supported by agile and resilient connectivity.

We have chosen to work with major Vendors and in this area, we are Premier Cisco and Cisco Meraki partners , Aruba Network, because we have followed projects of all types and sizes for companies of all sectors defining and implementing complex, secure and easy-to-manage infrastructures.

In addition, thanks to a qualified Customer Care service, we continuously support our clients by working alongside them on a daily basis. 

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Through the analysis of data collected through specific sensors (cameras, wireless networks), it is possible to obtain information and correlate it to the behaviors and types of users so as to obtain useful indications for business choices.

In this area, IoT is of paramount importance. Our solution LARA, analyzes real-time data offering a powerful tool for business acceleration.

The data center is the heart of the business because it houses all the equipment that allows processes, communications, and services to be governed in support of any business activity, in a context where we no longer think in terms of IT resources, but in terms of services that must be chosen, integrated, managed, and orchestrated.

The data center is now hybrid by definition, composed of a set of "objects" that can be on premise, in the cloud, in different clouds, with distributed intelligence in the network and in objects.

Data centers today manage and support increasingly comprehensive and complex domains and are composed of all elements of an entire IT infrastructure, Servers, networking, storage enabling IT managers to provide proactive and fast services.

To support the growing demand for systems and solutions, machine rooms have literally become populated with servers of different capacities and configurations depending on the tasks manned.

FAR Networks works on DataCenter projects to structure solutions tailored to business needs. We partner with our clients to choose the mode (on-premises and on Cloud) that can best support the infrastructure needs in terms of efficiency, decreased downtime and operational costs.

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