If it does not exist
we develop it.

Often when we talk about software development we wonder whether it is better to look at what is available on the market or whether it is better to have the solution developed precisely to our needs.


The choice between Buy or Build?

In these cases, it is important to be clear about the needs, do a cost-benefit analysis, and evaluate whether tailored implementations are more functional than industrial solutions.

It is not always easy to find the product in the market that covers our real and total needs, sometimes we have to make do.

As part of custom development, needs can be defined, all requirements verified, to see an ad-hoc product created that follows innovative , security standards and addresses specific needs. 

Analysis, design, security, standards, graphic study, testing, release is all you will find in FAR.

FAR Networks listens to the client's needs, assesses feasibility, and accompanies the client toward design definition, prototyping, and homologation while complying with the most stringent European regulations.

We develop tailored solutions using Agile and Waterfall methodologies, which are based on an iterative development process, frequent releases, and continuous feedback.

In addition, the DevOps release mode, which has sharing and collaboration as its pillars, makes it possible to speed up the time it takes to program, test and release enterprise applications, whether in traditional or cloud environments, and respond in increasingly close-to-real time to the demands of business whose competitiveness is measured on parameters such as agility, flexibility, and innovation.

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