Industrial IoT

LARA Enterprise-Ready Platform

The ability to be able to make choices based on real data, collected according to specific criteria, analyzed, reprocessed in the form of Dashboards and Reports becomes a powerful and highly effective tool for setting the direction of business

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This is the goal of LARA, the next-generation IoT platform capable of collecting, historizing, comparing and making available real-time production data. 

LARA is able to correlate data from different sources and make them available in a uniform manner that can be easily accessed from any device.

FAR Networks and LARA are the answer to the needs to monitor and manage production in the IOT era

The possibility of organizing POC allows our clients to concretely evaluate the potential of LARA and have evidence of the benefits that a project in IOT brings in terms of Business. Far Networks supports companies with POCs and projects quickly and cost-effectively!



  • No technical expertise needed
  • Simple to implement


  • Collects data from any sensor, even "old" generation sensors


  • To each the information they need
  • Dashboards and Data Analytics


  • Intuitive interface and Wizards
  • All in one platform


LARA in action! The TOBALDINI case!

Digital Twin


The Digital Twin creates a virtual twin, of an object, service, office, industrial plant, etc.

Comparing the physical and virtual models allows for constant monitoring and highlights any critical issues that can be addressed in a timely manner. 

Data historicization allows an analysis of trends over time and to detect the emergence of any problematic situations

Through the Dashboards, the Digital Twin can also be compared with important parameters and correlated with other devices.


Dashboards are a key tool for monitoring.

Customizable by data and user, they allow for trend monitoring, maintenance planning, and real-time decision making. 

Animation Sensor

Allows you to see the trend in the values of a parameter over time.

Live Data

Data are presented in real time and compared with the history so that a gait or performance curves can be defined.


Smart Object


The ecosystem of objects with which LARA interfaces and from which it receives data is very heterogeneous. Here are some examples.


From the master data of each Smart Object, it is possible to view the data being sent in real time and to consult its history.

The platform manages space-related data with the aim of making the work environment smarter and safer


The platform manages data about spaces with the aim of making the work environment smarter and safer.

Important data for HR and Facilities who can then monitor space utilization, lighting, any breakdowns etc...


Wireless connectivity for industries

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