Caring for people and their fate must always be the main occupation of all our efforts in the technical field. Never forget this in the midst of all your diagrams and formulas.

Albert Einstein

The service area is concerned with solving our customers' critical issues through structured and trained Customer Care to give guidance, specific support, anticipate any needs, and ensure a unique customer experience.

We have implemented a range of services that allow our clients to focus on business, freeing up resources and delegating specific tasks to specialists. Our Managed Services serve the IT department to provide support on areas where vertical expertise and continuous updatesare required .

A new Customer Service Experience based on trust and relationship.

We take care of all recurring operational aspects that clients want to entrust to us carefully and promptly.
A young and competent team is proactively available for all needs.

Digital transformation has changed the times, places, and ways of working, and networks must adapt to the new patterns while ensuring high performance and security. 

FAR Networks' Cloud Network-related service enables an agile and adaptive network infrastructure that is entirely cloud-based.

Keeping up with the evolution of business and new modes of operation requires rethinking telephony.

Through the GTI partnership and the potential of their Nexiop platform, FAR Networks has developed a new Unified Communication service with the goal of ensuring OverIP communications by leveraging the power of the Cloud.

Cyber Security solutions aim to protect the information and data that are the most valuable asset in any business reality, but at the same time it is necessary to ensure their accessibility, confidentiality and integrity at all times. 

FAR Networks offers a flexible service to secure the entire enterprise infrastructure.

We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Partner and on a daily basis we manage our clients' 365 environment. Assigning licenses, creating new users, tenant management are just some of the activities the Team performs on behalf of our clients. Our knowledge of the Licensing world allows us to be a competent advisor in this complex area.

Network Operation Center offers Network & System Management services for proactive monitoring and management of network infrastructure events.

FAR's Network Operation Center (NOC) is the center from which the physical and logical functionality of the network is controlled.

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