Security impacts data and information, the most valuable thing in any business reality

Digital has begun to permeate the marketplace, changing the way of working in industry and commerce, demanding increasing attention to business strategies in Cyber Security.

Cyber Security involves the handling, confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and information, the most valuable thing in any business, which is why large companies rely on partners of excellence to ensure high standards and avoid business disruptions.

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FAR Cyber Security Service

is a service that provides consistently high levels of security, backed by in-depth knowledge of technology and digital.

Our solution rests on this foundation:


Of what is happening within its own infrastructure.


Of Cyber Security technologies and strategies that we continuously keep up to date


Of cybersecurity objectives to business objectives.

Evaluation and analysis

periodic safety hazards

Event Management

of security and alarmism .


remediation plan

Often organizations realize they have been attacked only when systems are completely locked down.

It is therefore essential to rely on a valuable partner who through specific tools can monitor the state of the infrastructure, highlight any vulnerabilities and anticipate critical situations. 

FAR offerings are completed with these additional services:

Vulnerability Assessment (VAS) is a scanning of IT systems with the purpose of: bringing out possible vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure and network and identifying which parts of the system are found to be lacking in terms of Cyber Security. FAR Networks offers Vulnerability Assessment services based on its experience and using Rapid 7 technology, a leading vendor.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) aims to centrally collect logs and events generated by networked applications and systems. It provides real-time analysis complete with correlations aimed at detecting anomalous behavior

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