Cloud VoIP

Toward a new always-connected world.

Keeping up with the evolution of business and new modes of operation requires rethinking telephony.

FAR Cloud VoIP maximum flexibility and zero distance

If you want to make the most of the benefits of smart working by increasing the advantages it brings, you need to review and implement new ways of operating that are more efficient and in many cases less costly, taking the digital sphere into consideration.

First among them is the world of telephony, which today more than ever is once again becoming the main tool of our professional relationships.

A Cloud VoIP service is the most suitable tool because it maximizes flexibility and reduces distances.

It is no longer just a solution for geographically distributed companies that benefit tremendously in any case, but also the everyday solution in this new era.

The FAR Cloud VoIP Service includes everything you need to enable you to be reachable on your business landline number at all times because the number travels with the person.

Simple to implement with a comprehensive service that is immediately available.

What is needed? 

A stable connection and a competent partner. In return, guaranteed service:

  • calls between colleagues and outsiders, regardless of location
  • voice menus with automatic preset
  • Automatic queue setting, to make the number always available and not miss calls
  • voicemail 
  •  management of time slots with appropriate preset messages reporting related to calls and switchboard organization
  •  One or more telephone numbers to be provided to the public
  • Ability to migrate legacy phone numbers to ensure maximum stability 

Cloud VoIP is the solution that best supports smart working because it allows you to have your phone number always available no matter where you are.

Telephony must become a service that is enriched with communication and collaboration features and integrated with enterprise information systems.

Bringing the service to the cloud means virtualizing the switchboard with consequent cost reductions.

Through a partnership with GTI and the potential of their Nexiop platform, FAR Networks has developed a new Unified Communication service with the goal of ensuring modern communications by leveraging the power of the Cloud.

FAR Networks' fee-for-service offering allows you to flexibly manage your needs and always have your costs under control!

No more number tied to the desk, but simply the possibility of being called.

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