"FAR Networks is a fast-growing company also thanks to the involvement of other businesses that have joined the group over time to propose new solutions and technologies to our customers, allowing us to grow especially in the development of new application solutions." Nicola Fracassi, CEO of FAR Networks

A completely revamped GUI, new features, and a user experience made even more intuitive.

farBooking offers comprehensive functionality to enable the new working models associated withHybrid Work and to ensure your business the flexibility, efficiency and sustainability needed to make a valuable impact on people, the market and the environment.

The platform is modular and scalable to meet the needs of any organization on its specific path to Modern Work.

Any resource booking

Smart working

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FAR Networks participates in the course "MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 FOR COMMUNICATING AND COLLABORATING IN A "SMART" MANNER" promoted by the Lombardy Region

We are excited and proud to announce that we are among the first Partners in Italy to have achieved Cisco's sustainability certification.
This achievement attests to our ongoing commitment to promoting responsible business practices that place a strong emphasis on the adoption of eco-sustainable solutions in our industry.

The Cisco sustainability certification is a high-level recognition that confirms our commitment to pursuing a sustainable business strategy.

AvePoint Solutions

Transitioning to a new Office365 environment is not an easy task.
Whether you are making the change to provide better business tools for your users or as a result of a merger, migrating to Office 365 can present challenges that, if not addressed properly, can have a negative impact on your business.

Because migration is not a common practice for many companies, organizations may find themselves bewildered and not know where to start. That's where this planning and migration guide will be of great help, speeding up the process and providing you with strategic information for a safe and accurate migration.

We We support customers at all stages of the project, from the selection of the most suitable solution and product to the actual migration.

We are able to perform timely assesment and analysis on technical and procedural needs due to proven experience across multiple technology domains.

Here you will find four key elements you need to consider as you prepare for this important transition.

  1. Your migration solution

The key to a successful migration project lies primarily in the ability to choose the migration tool that meets specific requirements. During the planning phase, it is critical to fully understand those requirements and identify the tools that can support you in achieving your goals.

Usually, there are two options available:

  1. Microsoft native migration tools. These tools are provided directly by Microsoft and can be used for basic migration projects. However, for large and complex migrations, several factors must be considered that make third-party migration solutions a better choice.

  2. Third-party migration solutions. These solutions, developed by specialized third-party vendors, offer a wide range of advanced features to address the specific challenges of complex migrations. They are designed to ensure more efficient and reliable migration, enabling more effective management of the technical and organizational complexities that can arise during the migration process.

If you want to get the best results from your migration to Office 365, it is advisable to engage a Partner who can analyze your needs and advise you on the best migration strategy while also considering the use of a third-party migration solution that can offer greater flexibility and advanced functionality to address your specific needs.

2. Migration Reports

Migration reports play a key role not only in monitoring the progress of migration, but also in providing tangible evidence of efforts to business stakeholders.

Migration reports generally have two dimensions:

  1. Pre-migration reports. These reports highlight anomalous data and help identify areas that could pose obstacles during migration projects, such as the presence of unstructured data (dark data), large amounts of data (big data), and other critical factors. These reports provide an initial overview to help identify potential challenges and plan targeted migration strategies.

  2. Project reports. Migration process reports enable the identification of inefficiencies and possible disruptions in order to facilitate the planning of mitigation and correction procedures. These reports provide a detailed view of the migration process, allowing you to identify and address any problems or errors. In essence, migration reports help you avoid errors by allowing you to focus on critical areas that require special attention, depending on the type of migration you are facing.

While important in general, the use of migration reports is particularly useful for those who are planning an internal Office 365 hybrid migration or a full Office 365 migration. These types of migrations are often complex and involve specific risks, so it is critical that the Partner working alongside you on the project is familiar with the solution and able to understand and read the data in the reports thoroughly .

3. Office365 licenses and subscriptions.

Properly preparing for the new Office 365 environment is a critical step before undertaking the migration. Having a clear understanding of the business applications needed and the licenses to be purchased allows the new environment to be configured to the specific needs of the business.

Office 365 is a complex environment that offers several licensing and subscription options. It is important not only to identify the business tools needed to support overall business processes, but also to ensure appropriate access for users to take full advantage of those business tools.

For example, if you are migrating from Exchange to Office 365, you need to understand what types of licenses are required for the new Exchange environment and for the integrated platforms included in the subscription.

This complexity can often lead to confusion about the subscriptions and licenses needed to assign business users, and this is where using third-party license management tools can prove invaluable. Such tools enable efficient understanding and management of Office 365 licenses, simplifying management and ensuring compliance with contractual agreements.

Therefore, leveraging third-party license management tools can be a significant advantage in properly understanding, planning, and managing the licenses needed for your Office 365 environment.

4. Office365 data protection solutions.

With continued threats in the cloud, protecting data and the environment has become a top business priority.

There are several solutions that allow you to operate securely in the cloud. Here are some of them:

  1. Backup solution. This solution is essential for ensuring business continuity. It allows you to create copies of data that can be easily restored in the event of disasters, attacks or other data loss risk situations in the cloud.

  2. Data governance solutions. These solutions provide visibility into the security status and overall structure of data, allowing you to maintain control over data anywhere, anytime. They allow you to implement security policies and monitor data use and access in a way that ensures regulatory compliance and protects your company's sensitive information.

  3. Office 365 management tools. These tools automate the application of data security policies to easily prevent risks and automatically resolve any problems. They allow you to monitor and protect sensitive information, manage user access, and set permissions appropriately.

When choosing to implement these solutions, it is critical to consider the most critical business processes that need to be protected and to assess your ability to do so. Tailoring the solutions to your company's specific needs will ensure greater data security and adequate protection of business information.

Remember that protecting your data and environment is an ongoing effort. You should regularly evaluate and update your security solutions to address new threats and maintain a secure cloud environment.

FAR Networks will offer comprehensive customer support, not only in product selection and nn the implementation of the migration, but more importantly through a thorough evaluation and detailed analysis of technical and procedural needs. With our extensive experience in various technology areas, we will be able to provide an accurate and customized analysis.

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The new Digital Workplace of CRIF, a global company specializing in credit information systems, emerged as the winner in the "Digital Workplace" category at Intranet Italy Champions 2022.

The valuable award was presented at the ongoing IID 2023 conference in Milan and comes in recognition of a successful project that was presented to the event audience as a case study during the Keynote session.

The CRIF Group's Digital Workplace was designed and implemented thanks to the contribution and expertise of Green Team, a FAR Networks group company, on Microsoft 365 technology.