The principles by which FAR NETWORKS is guided by for its Quality Policy are as follows:

  • QUALITY means providing products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations, enabling FAR employees to work in a clear, transparent, and synergistic manner.
  • QUALITY means understanding the context in which it operates, determining risks and opportunities as well as planning appropriate actions to address risks and seize opportunities;
  • QUALITY means introducing and maintaining a Quality Management System that involves all business functions in the management and improvement of business processes;
  • QUALITY means continuous improvement with contributions from all levels of the Organization.


FAR NETWORKS considers the following to be strategic and primary:

  • To be recognized by Clients and the market as a competent and reliable company;
  • To be recognized for the added value and solutions offered to its Clients;
  • To be recognized by its employees for its focus on their well-being, training and continued growth as well as the clarity and transparency of its operational processes;
  • Consolidate and strengthen its market presence in the areas in which it determines to invest;
  • Maintain adequate operating margins.


The CEO ensures that the policy is understood and applied by evaluating the results of internal and external audits and through indicators related to the efficiency of business processes.


Date : February 11, 2021 Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                                               Eng. Nicola Fracassi

FAR Networks is ISO 9001 certified