Try the unique experience of EPOS Impact 1000, you will never be able to return it, it will become your best ally in your daily work.

EPOS Impact 1000 - Made for the New Open Office

IMPACT 1000 headsets are designed for an open, shared work environment and are built with EPOS BrainAdapt technology to reduce brain fatigue.

Thanks to a noise cancellation algorithm that intelligently identifies the noise around you, the quality of conversations becomes incredibly sharp.
The microphone uses beamforming technology to scan its surroundings 32,000 times per second, which enables it to effectively identify and turn off noise sources.

EPOS AI-powered adaptive microphone technology ensures you deliver your message perfectly. 

Forget the environment around you and focus on your interlocutor

Stay focused throughout the day



EPOS Impact 1000 are made of high-quality materials built to last, providing the perfect balance of excellent audio and maximum comfort.

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