We work only with TOPs because we cannot think of offering less than the TOP.

To complement our projects and services, we act as a product supplier by choosing partners who share high quality and reliability of products and solutions.

We choose HI-Tech products from leading vendors in their market segment who, like us, want to give the best in performance and support to their customers whether they are small or large.

The trusted relationships we establish with vendors give us access to HI-Tech products in advance so that we can test and evaluate their quality, get a complete overview of the possibilities, and find the most suitable solutions for our customers.

At FAR Networks, an expert will always be at your disposal to explain and evaluate product features together and find the one best suited to your needs at any given time.

  • Software
  • Monitor
  • PC
  • Cuffiè
  • Meeting room solutions
  • Speakerphone
  • Audio Solutions

Smart working involves having practical and functional technological equipment, but it cannot be the same for everyone.

To facilitate the adoption of this new way of working, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of individuals, the real needs based on the role and place where they work. This will improve efficiency and productivity:

  • what work do they do?
  • Where do they work, where do they connect from?
  • What functionality do they need? 
  • What safety standards do they require?

The attention we put into listening to needs and finding the best solution to meet them through HI-Tech products and software solutions is the added value that our Inside Sales bring with their experience, which, combined with the speed of order fulfillment, makes our service a competitive element.

Consulting with a specialist can make all the difference in identifying the right technological solution for your daily work!

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