Let's go FAR is our way of looking far ahead, supporting grassroots initiatives geared toward social development.

We flank projects that can have long-term impacts, to build value for people and businesses together.

With this spirit, we have created collaborations with realities in different spheres, social, sports, and business, from which relationships of exchange and mutual growth have arisen.

Let's go FAR also encapsulates our Green soul which strives every day to reduce the use of plastics, optimize recycling of materials and use solar panels for energy production. It is a way of being, which characterizes us in life, work and otherwise.

We strongly believe that companies have a moral and ethical obligation in dealing with issues such as dealing with people (whether employees, suppliers, customers), the environment, and the economy, and at FAR, all partners and management guide the company based on these principles.

"FAR exists not only for itself, its shareholders, its employees, its customers or suppliers. FAR also exists to spread culture, ways of doing things, and values in the area in which it operates, with all the people with whom it interacts.

That's why Let's Go FAR represents our way of supporting the beautiful in everything around us, in everything that wants to progress, to improve, to look far ahead." 

Nicola Fracassi, CEO, FAR Networks

Our projects

FAR Networks for ASDO Carugate-Volley.

We are proud to be able to take part in these interesting as well as important projects that aim to really make a difference for younger people.

FAR Networks runs together with CISCO.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the future of so many children around the world by helping the many refugees who have fled the war in Ukraine.

Our team will test itself by tackling this beautiful marathon.

Our contribution to a sustainable lifestyle.

Mature now is the scientific realization that the planet is experiencing a dramatic environmental urgency; mature, though young, is the generation that has been most successful in drawing the attention of the powerful to the climate crisis. We have made our contribution.

Extraordinary things happen that you don't expect.

"It happens that an important company in the field of IT services and with great attention to corporate social responsibility, asks PizzAut to carry out some business lunches and a great friendship is born." Nicola Acampora - PizzAut

Thus was born our collaboration with PizzAut, a wonderful project for the inclusion of kids with autism, which offers a restaurant/pizzeria service completely run by these special kids.

We believe in the values of sports, team membership, respect for opponents and rules, commitment and training to achieve important goals.

Our passion for sports and youth activities, makes us very proud to be the Main Sponsor of NEW Argentia Basketball.

Supporting the Gorgonzola Youth Series C team is our small contribution in supporting the passion and commitment of these kids.

A solidarity initiative for businesses struggling because of the Coronavirus.

With a group of friendly companies, we have created a completely free support service to help SME companies enable smart working quickly. 

We brought our expertise to bear so that companies could best maintain their productivity levels and cope with the new "Work style."

Passion for soccer and proper sports practice.

Our company supports younger people's socialization, learning and fun times, both on and off the field.

A project dedicated to boys who want to complete their soccer activities in a wellness and highly professional environment.

Let's restart sport and fun safely and with common sense. 

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