GENERALFINANCE has been operating in the financial sector since 1982, in offices in Biella and Milan. For 20 years it has specialized in "tailor-made" financing for businesses, offering flexible services aimed at solving the company's own credit problems, which can also be extended to customers and suppliers.

GENERALFINANCE also offers specific professional skills for the financial support of the company "in crisis," starting from the onset of the first difficulties until the end of the rehabilitation process, supporting its clients in the preparation and execution phases of the various procedures provided for by the sector regulations, and still accompanying them later, when the crisis is overcome.


As part of a Digital Innovation strategy, in a two-year plan GENERALFINANCE defined the pillars for the evolution of the technology platform as an enabler of business development.

The context of current digital technology allows for the construction of "hybrid" ecosystems that make iteration:

  • between the structured data - synonymous with the classical information system
  • And the multimedia data - social, voice, video

complementary for an information system that we can call Digital Business System Information.

The value of information comes to have different angles that allow to introduce a new concept that of collaboration, to support and generate Business.

As part of the evolution of collaboration related to the analog communication in place for voice, there has been a change in the business process paradigm moving toward digital evolution not only in technology but also in process.


locations in Italy


major innovation project in collaboration


The experience gained in the 2017/2018 biennium with the Microsoft Skype for Business solution introduced as an evolutionary solution to the call conference and chat paradigm, has enabled a new purpose to the way of collaborating with voice, video and advanced messaging, enabling the 24×7 scenario without the need for a physical presence in the workplace.

The arrival of TEAMS as a further evolution of Skype for Business led to an internal discussion that allowed us to address a broader solution that would also bring the digital echo system into the 'realm of unstructured communication and analog telephony.

With this vision, the infrastructure of:

  • Of analog telephony (switchboard and fixed devices)
  • of meeting rooms Milan and Biella headquarters

and has been activated at the application architectural level:

  • the migration of the OFFICE365 world to the AZURE public cloud
  • the integration into Teams of Enghouse's contact center system, which enables proactive management and digital collaboration.

The project lasted about 6 months:

  • 1 month of feasibility
  • 2 months realization and tuning
  • 1 week release
  • 3-week follow-up

In a population of 70 users, where special attention was paid to the nerve center of the company the "front door" of the switchboard, no regression, no problems or incidents were found.

From the CEO to the managements of GENERALFINANCE there were positive returns, and such a major generational change was received as a true Digital Innovation.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Collaboration

    voice, video, chat

  • Systems integration


With a view to digital innovation, the "communications virtualization" project has made it possible to structurally change Generalfinance's communication and collaboration processes and to rethink the way we work.

The digitization of communications has made concrete the possibility of working remotely or on the move with the same functionality as in the office and adding flexibility and efficiency, fluidity and organization to daily work.

Collaboration has also had an impact on the innovation of meeting rooms, which become a daily operating tool for face-to-face or remote meetings, with content sharing and the ability to work simultaneously on documents all within a secure and managed infrastructure.

This new technological approach has enabled a shift in focus to customer services, in fact by equipping people with tools to support the relationship, phone calls have changed their approach to become proactive contacts.

Thanks to the contact center system, the operator now has the ability to see all information in real time and manage the call in a more organized way, thus giving more attention to the customer

The Digital Transformation choices made by GENERALFINANCE have impacted in terms of efficiency and also cost decrease bringing undisputed benefits on all Business areas and paved the way for new technological scenarios for future development

With a view to digital innovation, the "communications virtualization" project has made it possible to structurally change Generalfinance's communication and collaboration processes and to rethink the way we work.

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