The platform LARA Safety has the purpose to provide in extreme simplicity the Governance of the safety process for people operating in contexts considered at risk or isolated, providing the tools necessary to implement instant response mechanisms.


The cloud-based solution, available as a software service (SaaS), can be used through a responsive web interface and is completely independent of the customer's infrastructure.


Cloud based

Solution as a Service

Easy to implement


Control and governance dashboard

Quickly configure, manage and monitor all the devices needed to ensure the safety of its workers.

Tracking of alarm management activities , identification and discrimination of false alarms.

Governance of alarm management activities by the various users surveyed in the platform, individually and by emergency teams.

Efficiency and control

LARA Safety provides both detailed information regarding alarms and their management and comprehensive reports and insights to enable preventive analysis.

Allows you to check the efficiency of response teams within your emergency plan.

Certified devices

LARA Safety allows devices to be configured directly within the platform, facilitating maintenance and assignment.

Family Twig e Twig EX

Devices or beacons that are ergonomically unobtrusive and capable, through various sensors, of detecting the "man down" condition of a panic button that can be voluntarily operated by the operator if needed.

Spectralink DECT and WiFi

DECT devices or smartphones, equipped with the latest technology in security includes the feature of being able to detect the "man down" condition and the use of a panic button. The S.O. Android allows the installation of Apps.

Revolution Pi

Industrial device with a pronounced modular feature: it can handle digital inputs such as a mushroom head emergency button or other device comparable to a digital contact.