The company is strongly oriented to research. It discovers, develop and distributes diagnostics and innovative therapeutic products giving great benefits to patients and answers to clinical questions not solved yet.

Roche has more than 88500 employees and its products are sold in more than 150 countries. Its several branches, with central seat in Basel, are always available to perform the best possible services.


Roche expects that the experience of the customers contacting their Help Desk is the best possible one, and that it is identical in all Countries.

The aim is to give 180 specialists the opportunity to manage in a simple, smart way, the flow of internal and external interactions, optimizing resources and customer satisfaction.




Unified and better customers’ experience


We projected a contact centre solution which is able to transform the first impression of the customers when contacting Roche.

“It is the first impression customers have when calling Roche. Operators can immediately see if the required person is available, by means of the almost 80.000 directories available.

This way, they can efficiently manage the incoming calls. What Roche expected was to have the same customer experience in every Nations” (Nicola Fracassi, CEO @FAR Networks)

Technically speaking, the solution has been integrated on a centrally managed console, remotely controlled, scalable, safe and completely redounded. Both the Enghouse Interactive and FAR Networks technologies have been combined in a Cisco international architecture with central control.

ARC Call Connect (Enghouse Interactive) is an ‘ad hoc’ technology for whom needs to have independent employee teams who answer the incoming calls for specific business areas.

While being more complex than a normal call centre, Call Connect is very easy to be installed and is the ideal tool to manage help desk and customer services in multi-branches plants.

FARSynch, our solution for Smart Data Management, ensures access transparency to all directories.

We organize on-site training sessions to the operators in various Nations, so that they can be autonomous and smart in their job.

  • Call Connect

  • FAR Synch

  • Training on site

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