Sibelco italia is a multinational company which has being operating for 130 years, producing and distributing silica powder. With 245 producing branches, it is a world’s leader in extracting, processing and distributing quartz, cristobalite, nefeline, sienite, olivine and clay.


Sibelco needed to start a controlled migration process of all offices in Europe, to a central cluster in Belgium, based on the Cisco Call Manager technology. Together we prepared the entire process, on the basis of a proactive cooperation, focusing on the customer’s needs in terms of resources organization, telephone expenses control, flows management both internal and external.




Unified and global UC solution


For Sibelco we developed a solution based on Cisco, Imagicle and FAR Networks technologies, to satisfy the Unified Communications needs of the customer, integrating multi-country call accounting and internal billing, with XML directories.

Imagicle applications for Accounting and Billing allow Sibelco monitoring and analysing the calls of the whole centralized Cisco infrastructure, by means of a dashboard and customized reporting. By the Imagicle Directori, the customer can configure a complete internal directory available to all employees globally, compatible with all presence, IM, video and voice tools, for a superior communication experience.

FARSynch, our Smart Data Management solution, ensures transparency in the access to all directories (for instance Microsoft Active Directory and Lotus Notes Directory).

The software synchronizes and centralizes all information concerning the users, which otherwise will be insulated in the Data Store of the different applications. Combined with Imagicle Speedy, FARSynch allows to enter in an easy way the XML directories to all company users.


  • Imagicle Apllication Suite

  • FAR Synch

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