Full monitoring and control of mission-critical services.

Network Operation Center 

offers Network & System Management services for proactive monitoring and management of network infrastructure events.

FAR's Network Operation Center (NOC) is the center from which the physical and logical functionality of the network is controlled


The components of the NOC

The SPOC is the first point of contact that collects user requests for assistance and based on their nature identifies the appropriate team.

  • Each request will be recorded within the ticketing system so that:
    • Assign a unique ticket number.
      Track dl ticket statuses, during intake, handling, and closure.
    • To be able to perform service statistics and detail reports related to service delivery and KPI compliance.

In reactive support mode they are handled:

  • Add, Move and Change requests
  • service Request

H24 service provides access to:

  • Assignment of a Service Account Reference
  • Dedicated Technical Help Desk Service with coverage :
    • 24/7 (including holidays), for blocking issues with priority 1
    • Monday through Friday for non-blocking issues with priority 2 and 3

Handling customer requests for an information, advice, counseling, or activity outside the contractually agreed standards.

In proactive support mode, they are managed:

  • all network issues
  • Relationship with the customer who is notified by Customer Care of issues encountered and already being handled
  • Activity tracking through the ticketing system 
  • Monthly reports according to the format and parameters agreed with the Client.
  • Meeting to analyze and compare reports on a monthly basis
  • During the SALs, the obtained KPIs and SLAs of the service delivery will be analyzed

The Proactive Monitoring system, developed by FAR Networks, enables real-time monitoring of every single device in the client infrastructure and exploits the potential of IoT thanks to our LARA platform

Through this native integration with LARA IoT , the team is able to manage different reporting streams.


Monitoring, developed by FAR Networks, enables real-time monitoring of each individual device and all its metrics. FAR Networks offers different solutions according to customer needs.


Log collection allows you to be faster and more concrete in your analysis and troubleshooting activities.
With the insights that are made available from log collection, you have the ability to verify the exact usage of apps and their scalability.

The NOC service includes the following activities

  • Installation and configuration of monitoring environment.
  • Monitoring and in case of incident reporting to the client.
  • Incident management according to Incident Model.
  • Escalation to the vendor based on the maintenance contracts entered into by the customer
  • Change Request Management
  • Traffic analysis
  • Network configuration control
  • Fault detection and response
  • Diagnosis
  • Maintenance

Why FAR's NOC? 

  • Integration of classic monitoring services with our platform LARA IoT allows the potential of AI to be leveraged to verify the veracity of alarms and automatically understand the true nature of issues

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